Custom Truck Fabrication

SAS are experienced and skilled in custom truck fabrication. We can customise everyday working lorries, keeping them practical but standing out from the crowd. We can also transform a standard lorry into a one off custom truck show lorry.

  • Catwalks
  • Chassis Infills/Full Decking
  • Stacks
  • Side Pipes
  • Exhaust Valves
  • A-frames
  • Bumpers
  • Restoration
  • Commercial Body Building

and much more!

Custom Fabricated Chassis Infills at SAS Welding Services in Glastonbury, Somerset

Lorry Repairs

  • Aluminium Tipper Body Repairs
  • Trailer and Body Floor Repairs
  • Flatbeds and Re-flooring
  • Collision Repair
  • Doors and Locks

Based in the heart of Somerset in Glastonbury, SAS Welding Services can transform your lorry with our professional customised Truck Fabrication. Give us a call today, our welders love trucks!

Lorry Fabrication Chassis Infill Glastonbury

Recent Truck Fabrication Projects

  • Scania V8 Welding Repairs at SAS Welding Services in Glastonbury Scania V8 Welding Repairs in Glastonbury - A v8 Scania in for some welding repair work recently at SAS Welding Services in Glastonbury, Somerset. Dropped off on a Friday night and picked up early on the Monday morning. Lorry Fabrication Somerset We carry out Lorry repairs and custom fabrication for companies across Somerset and beyond. We are highly skilled Welders and have Read More...
  • Trailer modification in Glastonbury Volvo FH500 Trailer Modification - This was the largest trailer we have had in the yard! From S. Morris in Somerset, we carried out custom fabrication which they were delighted with. We got it in and got the job done! The trailer was modified with a personal bridge and pop-up hand rail. SAS Welding Services are well known in the Read More...
  • Mercedes Actros Truck Fabrication as SAS in Glastonbury, Somerset Mercedes Actros Catwalks, Side Skirts & Chassis Infills - SAS Welding Services transformed three new Mercedes-Benz Actros with custom fabricated Catwalks, Side Skirts and Chassis Infills. The lorry customisations were fabricated and fitted at our workshop in Glastonbury, Somerset. Made from Aluminium and fully TIG welded using only stainless nuts and bolts, with full length custom made side skirts. Custom Truck Fabrication Somerset Smart and practical, Read More...
  • next gen scania Next Gen Scania Custom Catwalk - Check out this lovely looking 'nextgen' Scania lorry which had the SAS Welding Services treatment recently. Another truck transformed for Dave Marsland Transport, who brought his lorry to SAS Welding Services in Glastonbury due to our reputation for attention to detail and fine fabricated finishes. We fabricated a full SAS catwalk, made and fitted at Read More...
  • Lorry Fuel Tank Repairs at SAS Welding Services in Somerset Scania Fuel Tank Repaired - Here is a Scania lorry we had in recently at SAS Welding Services in Glastonbury, Somerset. The Aluminium fuel and hydraulic tank was leaking. This needed to be repaired as quickly as possible to make it roadworthy. Our Welders got on the case to rapidly fix things for the lorry driver. Removed Repaired Refitted The Read More...

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