Bin Repairs After

Bin Repairs Contract

SAS Welding Services have agreed with a customer from Wells in Somerset to service all of their Skips and Bins on a regular basis.

Our Skip and Bin Repair Service is very popular with our customers as it offers excellent value for money and is a much better option than replacing them. We ensure they are in full working order and have a good life span.

This customer from Wells wanted a cost effective solution for their skips and bins, and so they were recommended to come to SAS Welding Services, who have a good reputation for skip and bin repairs in Somerset.

We replaced any necessary panels and repaired all the cracks. The skips and bins are thoroughly checked over to ensure all damaged areas are repaired.

SAS then ensured painting was carried out for a professional finish. In addition, new steps were made and fitted where necessary.

It is a very cost effective solution to bring your skips and bins to SAS Welding Services. We will take care of everything for you with our Somerset skip and bin repair service. Just give us a call to discuss your requirements – no obligation, always value for money.

Before Bin Repairs



After Bin Repairs

After Bin Repairs in Glastonbury

Bin Repairs After

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